Screenshot Saturday Featuring Hellscreen, Atomic Heist, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is everything, all at once.  Or at least everything from every developer wanting to share the week’s progress, spread out over roughly 36 hours due to various time zones around the world.  The near-endless variety of games come in all shapes, sizes, and genres, and this feature pulls a dozen or more from the list as a cross-section of the week’s output.  There are hundreds of games left behind so it’s always worth a look at the unfiltered feed to see what was passed over.  Weeks like this one, though, where the #screenshotsaturday tag was trending most of the day, tend to see an unhelpful amount of unrelated content show up.  It’s the hazards of Twitter, and other than a quarter second passing by (and the occasional raised eyebrow at some racist douchenozzle’s utter failure at the most basic requirements of humanity) easily ignored.  There’s just too much great gaming waiting to be discovered to let it get in the way.

Hellscreen-  Oldschool FPS in a green/blue and red world populated by squishy alien monstrosities that just want to hug you with their tentacles.  Blast everything with weapons that transform for alt-fire functions, gaining new abilities to open up new areas in the handcrafted levels that radiate off the hub world.  That Kickstarter link in the tweet is well worth a visit.

Dark Drive-  Combination brawler/RPG.  Enemies hang out on their side of the screen on the left while you’re on the right, classic RPG-style, and you use brawler combo moves to smash them around.  Kind of like if Sabin from FFIII/VI got his own game.

Lost Fortress-  A long time ago the dwarves lost a fortress and nobody knows why.  Locked from the inside and with the surrounding area fallen into a wasteland, it was written off as a mystery until Kara found her way in.  She actually does have slashing and shooting abilities but this screen is to show off a few of the non-combat moves at her disposal.

Bravery and Greed-  Fantasy roguelike brawler/platformer where you need to maximize the survival potential of your character class to clear the dungeon with gold intact.  Each of the four character classes promises a deep move-set, as evidenced by the amazon above.  Her parry sending the energy bolt back where it came from looks handy, the kick gives her some breathing room, and the suspiciously familiar spinning uppercut makes a nice finisher.

Once Upon a Coma-  Strange and gothy adventure/platformer with a bit of puzzling for good measure.  The adults have gone missing and only a young boy who just woke up from a months-long coma can figure out what happened, but he’s armed with a super-sharp barbershop razor to tackle the hostile freaky madness along the way.  Demo over here.

Inmost-  Not a lot of detail on this one you can’t figure out from looking at this .gif, but the pixel animation is just fantastic.  It will be interesting to see how the fighter’s moves play out, especially the one where he stabs to the rear, turns around, lifts the monster by its neck during a lunge, then stabs again in the chest while holding it.

Atomic Heist- Twin-stick action roguelike where you need to steal back an impulse core from the aliens who stole it first, before they use it to do bad things. Kill everything, power up, and keep an eye on an ever-diminishing ammo count.

Undead Horde- Become a dark healer who doesn’t know when to quit, raising the dead to become your minions in a quest to take your homeland back from the presumptuous living. Being a necromancer means you never have to conquer the world alone.

Behind Stars and Under Hills- Explore the caves under the Northern Mountains to learn the fate of Livia’s father. Search the dungeon, fight monsters, follow clues, and negotiate with the inhabitants of the subterranean land to find out just what kind of person Lord Frenklin Geiger was.

While I Sleep I Am Debug-  A test has gone wrong, with reality bugged beyond recovery.  It’s a strange and uncertain world in there but maybe something makes sense on the other side.  No promises, though.

Unnamed- No idea, some kind of city-based VR adventure but there’s no other info than nine tweets of pictures and short video clips. Whatever it turns into, it’s got sneaky stealth kills so that’s a nice start.

Unnamed-  Some kind of free-roaming shooter, nice and chunky with a pleasantly overpowered ship.  The white streaks flying off the enemies go straight to the bonus multiplier.

Swarmlake-  Ten enemies are a problem for one lone shooter to handle.  Fighting 100 enemies tends to be overwhelming.  1,000 has ventured into the realm of seriously ridiculous.  Swarmlake throws 10,000 baddies on screen at once in an infinite arena and challenges you to somehow muscle through the swarm to pick up the shards the enemies drop to boost your score.

Wizard of Legend-  Lightning-fast nimble wizards combo spells in a flurry of magic to decimate dungeons created to put your skills to the test.  Surviving the Chaos Trials is a task for only the most capable wizards, but if they’ve got spells that can fill half a room with fire in a single burst it should work out just fine.

Bonus Images

Mario World 1-1-  It’s kind of amazing how different a game can feel with a completely new art style.

Unnamed-  I was really expecting a giant Boom! but against all odds the payoff was actually better than that.