Deform the World and Everything In It in New Semblance Trailer

One of the most notable things about the world is its incredible solidity, but Semblance takes place in a universe where everything is far more squishy.  The ground is fairly stable, sure, but a solid whack deforms it into a new and possibly more useful shape.  Smack a platform from the bottom and the resulting bump in terrain lets you get a little bit of height for a longer jump, or maybe the laser that was running above the ground is now blocked by the mound in the earth.  If all else fails then hero-blob Squish lives up to its name and can slam into a solid piece of terrain to slim down, fitting through formerly-impassable areas.  It’s the only way to get past the deadly-hard crystals, searing lasers, and other dangers infesting Squish’s world, but the power of deformity is on its side in a malleable puzzle-platformer.

Today’s announcement isn’t so much a reveal of Semblance (here’s a preview from last April) but rather that it’s got a publisher.  Good Shepherd Entertainment, formerly known as Gambitious, is bringing Semblance not only to the already-announced PC but also Switch, which seems like it should be a perfect home for the game.  Check out the new trailer to see the many ways a small blob can deform its world and bypass the spiky invasion corrupting the land.