Fallen Legion Headlines Busy Friday from Limited Run Games

It’s a busy start in the first release-week this month from Limited Run Games, with four separate titles coming out on a single day.  It only looks like three at first glance, but Fallen Legion on PS4 and Vita are different games despite very similar covers.  Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire (PS4) tells the story of Princess Cecille trying to hold the kingdom together, while Fallen Kingdom: Flames of Rebellion (Vita) approaches the scenario from the side of Legatus Laendur, a rebel trying to overthrow the royal family.  It’s the same combat system for both but with different stories and scenarios, kind of like the PS1 classic Threads of Fate except divided between two games on two different consoles.

The other two games are both PS4, with Lethal League and Super Hydorah being as different from each other as they are from Fallen Legion.  Lethal League is a multiplayer combat game where you need to smack a ball into the face of your opponent, and Super Hydorah is a 16-bit styled horizontal shooter.  Fallen Legion on both PS4 and Vita come in at 2,800 copies apiece, and Lethal League is 3,000.  Super Hydorah is a bit of an oddball, though, with 2,000 copies of the regular edition and another 2,000 of the deluxe, which is packaged in a SNES-styled box along the same lines as the NES-styled box that looked so nice for Double Dragon IV and River City Melee.  The four games makes for a busy Friday at Limited Run Games, but it’s a great selection of titles.