Guerrilla Games Reveals Horizon Zero Dawn Year One Stats

Horizon Zero Dawn is now one year old, and players have racked up some impressive stats in that time.

A year ago, Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment launched Horizon Zero Dawn. A brand new IP from the makers of Killzone, the stunningly beautiful game blew everyone away at launch, and followed it up with the also excellent Frozen Wilds. A year later, the game has sold a staggering 7.6 million units, and gamers have accomplished great feats in the game.

Guerrilla have published some stats from the first year of Horizon, and there are some interesting findings. Unsurprisingly, bows are player’s weapon of choice when going up against the foes in Horizon. With 359 million arrows fired, the bows crush their closest competitor, Slings. 194 billion Shards and 40.7 billion pieces of Ridgewood were collected, which means players could build a lot of arrows. Players destroyed over 1 billion Watchers, the most common hostile Machines in Horizon.

Surprisingly, at 18.2 million deaths, the deadly Thunderjaw was not the main source of player deaths. Instead, it was the smaller, quicker Sawtooth. At 20.9 million deaths, this Machine caused more woes among players.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now on PS4.