Okami HD Switches Things Up

Okami was a standout title in the PlayStation 2 library since its release in 2006, and its stunning visuals played no small part in making it such a memorable experience. This title recently got ported to current platforms with an HD makeover to make it even more gorgeous under the name Okami HD. This summer players will now be able to experience this title on the go when it makes it debut on the Nintendo Switch, but portability is not the only thing that will make this version unique. In an attempt to Switch up the gameplay, this version will feature touchscreen painting where the player may “paint” by making brushstrokes directly on the touchscreen in handheld mode. People who prefer playing Switch games on their TV won’t be left out from the new features, as motion-control painting will be available in TV or Table-Top mode where the Joy-Cons can be used as a virtual paintbrush by moving them in the desired pattern of what the player wishes to paint. These new control options make it sound like this could be the version to check out for anyone who hasn’t gotten to Okami yet, or a good reason to revisit the title and have it feel new.