Steredenn: Binary Stars Shoots up Nintendo Switch

It’s been two and a half years since the roguelike horizontal shooter Steredenn came out on PC and it was really quite excellent.  The enemy layout wasn’t truly random, but rather pulled from hand-designed attack waves, and the varying bullet patterns were mostly fair even as they screen got more and more cramped with firepower.  Completing a run meant applying your best skills to enemy waves that required the same level of memorization as a standard non-randomized shooter, except you’re never quite sure what the next attack pattern or fantastic pixel-art space background will pop up next.  It’s rock-solid arcade shooting action, and now there’s an updated version available on the Switch.

Steredenn: Binary Stars is mostly the original version but with a pile of new content and gameplay tweaks to update and expand it.  Four playable ships plus a hard-to-unlock fifth one, multiplayer, new bosses, and general game flow all show up to make this the definitive version of Steredenn.  At the moment it’s Switch-exclusive, but that’s more due to the time available to a small developer than contractual requirements.  If you own Steredenn elsewhere you’ll be seeing these updates come along… eventually.  Possibly even soon, or at least soon-ish.  For right now, though, Switch owners get first crack at the new content, plus the huge, meaty shooting and incredible pixel art that made the original version such a beautiful, satisfying challenge.