New Sonic Mania Animated Shorts Coming This Year

As stated earlier today, we all loved Sonic Mania, and are quite ecstatic to have more content for the game on the way. However, it turns out we’ll be getting more of Sonic Mania in other forms as well, as it was revealed during today’s SXSW panel that five brand new animated shorts dubbed Sonic Mania Adventures will be due out this year as well, accompanied by a sneak peek that you can check out below.

Drawn once again by Tyson Hesse, the animator behind the absolutely stunning intro for the game, we see classic Sonic returning back from the events of Sonic Forces (long story, sort of) and ready to jump into action, saving woodland critters from Eggman yet again. No release dates have been announced yet, but all five episodes are due out by the end of this year, and all five will be available to view for free on YouTube, so stay tuned for Sonic Mania Adventures when it eventually hits.