Trailblazers Emphasizes Co-op, Characters, and Combos in New Trailer

Rising Star Games and developers Supergonk impressed us quite a bit last month when they debuted Trailblazers, a futuristic racing game where the goal is to paint the track in order to give your racer an advantage when driving over their color, in a sort of mix between Splatoon and F-Zero. And now they’ve delivered yet another new gameplay trailer that you can check out below, showing off more of game’s colorful (literally and figuratively) mechanics, atmosphere, and style.

As indicated by the headline, the clip this time around focuses on the co-op gameplay, where strategic moves in your painting of the track can assist your partners in three-on-three races, the unique and humorous cast of characters, with artwork created by BAFTA winner Will Milton, and the kinds of points you can earn through massive combos and various tricks. It still looks like an amazing and truly unique racing game so far, so make sure not to miss out on Trailblazers when it hits all major gaming platforms this May.