Check Out the Story Trailer For Double Kick Heroes

As the Early Access release date draws ever closer for the rhythm/shooter hybrid Double Kick Heroes, developers Headbang Club have decided to release a proper story trailer for the game. Now, some of you may argue that a game where you blow away zombie Klansmen and hordes of undead chickens with the power of metal doesn’t need much of a story, but the team has taken inspiration from the likes of Robert Rodriguez and crafted a simple yet effective tale about escaping the apocalypse, as seen below.

Alongside a few notable dialogue bits and some nice showcases of a few of the safe zones chock full of fun details and interesting characters, we also get even more of the game’s action on display as our heroes blast away tons of enemies from the back of their Gundillac, driving along a variety of post-apocalyptic landscapes. Double Kick Heroes hits the PC via Early Access on April 11, and is definitely one both metal fans and gamers in general should look out for.