Turn-Based Pulp Adventure Pathway Receives First Gameplay Trailer

Three and a half years ago, German developers Robotality teamed up with Chucklefish to give us Halfway, a turn-based strategy RPG set on a vessel in the deepest reaches of outer space. And now for the duo’s follow-up, they head back into the past with Pathway, a strategy adventure game set in the 1930s. The first gameplay trailer was finally released today, and if this video is any indication, what they have may stand a chance at basically being the best unofficial Indiana Jones game ever made (and second-greatest overall, after Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis).

Set in 1936 as the Nazis move across Europe and the Middle East, the game sees you playing as a group of explorers and adventurers attempting to rescue their friend Morten, kidnapped by the Third Reich due to interference in their occult research. As seen in the clip below, you’ll journey through exotic locales with prodecurally generated maps and unique encounters with each camapaign, with a style inspired by classic pulp adventures. The 16-bit art, combat, and story elements all look impressive so far, so keep an eye out for Pathway when it hits the PC later this year.