Screenshot Saturday Featuring Plunge, Whispers of a Machine, Many More

Well, it’s time once again for Screenshot Saturday, where hard-working developers show of the latest snippets of their works in progress through the #screenshotsaturday hashtag on Twitter. And with GDC next week and PAX East right around the corner, you can bet that there’s been a lot to go through recently…but as we’ve been extremely busy preparing for these events ourselves, we only had the time to prepare a hefty bunch of games to highlight this week as opposed to a MASSIVE bunch of games. So yes, apologies in advance, but let’s get on with the show already…

From Light- Going on a road trip to rescue your pen pal? Then see if you can somehow pack in some reality-bending photography, like the tech showcased here that allows you to get past various puzzles. It’s a simple example, but one that nicely shows off the potential of the game’s central mechanic and the types of challenges you’ll need to overcome with the help of your skills.

Light Fall- Attempt to save the world and learn more about your past with the help of a magical box that you can spawn at any time over the course of your journey in order to get past anything in your way. Of course, this all involves learning more about the world around you, with a little bit of it highlighted right here in the form of a rather impressive tree village. Here’s hoping it’s still majestic in the game proper…

Double Kick Heroes- Yes, we may have just featured a new trailer for this heavy metal rhythm/shooter game a short while ago, but try to see it from our point of view: They have a giant zombie dinosaur that fires a giant laser out of its mouth. What were we supposed to do, NOT feature a shot of that in action? We’re fairly certain ignoring awesomeness like this is a crime in some places.

Voodoo- We’ve seen this adorable adventure game pop up here in the past, but usually only in the forms of character models and animations. Now we get a good look at the game’s detailed environments, along with a little clip showcasing a simple puzzle that our tiny doll friend will have to solve, showing that things are shaping up quite nicely so far.

HellScreen- A classic ’90s-style first-person shooter currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, this is an ode to when such games had less restraints and didn’t let things like petty reality get in the way of having fun. Hence why we now have transforming weapons that seemingly magically turn into whatever you need to deliver more firepower. Do we dare go for three barrels now?

Glitched- An Earthbound-esque RPG where the main character begins to grow aware of the player controlling them on their journey, in a rather meta adventure. And this shot brings up an interesting question: What other video games do the characters in a game like this play? Do the characters in THOSE games slowly become aware of their players as well? Truly a riddle for the ages…

Yuppie Psycho- Retro-styled survival horror where the creepiest things are happening at the office where you just scored your first dream job. We don’t know which is scarier: The mysterious green object, the frog mask, or the massive amounts of papers littered around the place that you just know you’ll have to clean up because some higher-up assigned the task to you.

Pancake Tuesday- A physics puzzler where you try to create the tallest tower of pancakes possible without it tipping over, in what feels like the type of deceptively simple mobile game that easily sucks away a good two hours or so of your life before you know it. But as seen here, now we have pies being introduced into the mix as well. Dare we see what happens when when pie and pancakes are finally combined at last?

Plunge- Turn-based isometric dungeon crawling with roguelike elements that wants to see just how low you can go in the seemingly never-ending depths here. There’s a gleefully cartoonish style here for this mobile game, but as seen in the above bit, it thankfully doesn’t overshadow the more strategic elements that you’ll need to master in order to get past each hazard-packed floor.

Etherborn- If you’re going to make an environmental puzzle platformer set in an exotic world with a large emphasis on exploration, it kind of goes without saying that the world you make for it had best look as dazzling as possible. Thankfully, just with this small clip alone, we can tell that the developers have clearly taken that advice to heart when it comes to surreal surroundings.

Whispers of a Machine- One of the perks of being a designer working on an adventure game set in a futuristic sci-fi world? You get to fill it with shops like these that you can fill with several clever little robot designs as a part of world-building, including potential nods to classic designs and styles from the genre. Not to mention being able to display your creations with some beautiful pixel art such as this.

Ooblets- A Pokemon-esque game where you grow and raise various creatures by farming them and taking care of them after a successful harvest, all of which looks incredibly charming, but none of that is important right now. What is important is that AHHHHHH COFFEE THE COFFEE IS FREAKING US OUT AHHHHHH DEVIL COFFEE AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Signalis- Another bit of survival horror about a technician attempting to escape a desolate world where something has escaped from the depths below. And considering the nature of the genre, you’re going to want to having the lighting fine-tuned to keep things visible yet appropriately (and obviously) scary, so glad to see team members tinkering with it.

Backbone- Dystopian noir adventures set in a retrofuturistic version of Vancouver where you have to solve some rather tough cases as a detective. Oh, and said detective also happens to be a raccoon in a world of anthropomorphic animals, because of course. Although when you have to dig through some dirty places, it only makes sense to have an expert in trash on the case.

Joggernauts- And because we were obliged to have at least one entry that was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, please enjoy this little animation from what is so far a damn fun co-op runner/2D platformer. Not sure if alien joggers truly understand the significance of the holiday, but color-coded characters means they’re naturally prepared in this case! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!