Devolver Brings Two Different Nintendo Eras to Switch With The Messenger

Devolver Digital releasing a retro action game shouldn’t be anything shocking by this point, nor would any retro-styled game hitting the console, but when the game in question involves a central mechanic where the character uses time travel to switch between 8-bit and 16-bit worlds in a direct homage to Nintendo’s most glorious eras, it certainly deserves a bit of attention. So enter The Messenger from Quebec-based developers Sabotage, announced during today’s Nindies-focused Direct, which looks to hopefully turn a few heads.

The game starts out simple enough, as a young ninja is tasked to deliver a scroll necessary for his clan’s survival. However, the switch between NES and SNES is more than just a graphical change. A quick tale with Ninja Gaiden-style platforming quickly morphs into a full-on metroidvania as the plot deepens. No new trailer has been released for the game, but the Switch announcement allows you to enjoy The Messenger in all of its meta glory below again, giving you a taste of it before it comes out for Nintendo’s console and the PC later on.