Iceberg Interactive Unveils Colorful Decapitation Party Game Headsnatchers

Decapitation isn’t always a happy sight (unless you’re playing Dynamite Headdy or Puppeteer), but damned if Iceberg Interactive and developers Iguanabee don’t make it seem like a blast thanks to the help of Headsnatchers, a colorful new party game from the team. The first gameplay trailer was revealed during GDC 2018, and as you can see below, it aims to be one delightfully crazed and vibrant romp indeed.

The goal of Headsnatchers is to…well, snatch your opponent’s heads, as it’s sort of right there in the title. Two to four players compete to be the last one with a noggin across more than two dozen different stages with different rules (that contains the likes of soccer, basketball, and bowling, as seen in the clip) while customizing their own vinyl toy-style head, or choosing from over a hundred already available. It looks, bizarre, chaotic, and downright fun, and we’ll see if that is indeed the case when Headsnatchers hits PC and PS4 this Spring.