Five Places the Next Far Cry Could Take Us

The Far Cry series has been around for over ten years. In that time, players have basically been around the world to different locations and with Far Cry 5 coming soon, there’s even more to explore. Not only have the games taken us to various places, they even transport us through time and space. Whether as a spin-off, part of an expansion or as a sequel, there has never been a dull moment. Now, we are going to take a look at where/when Far Cry can go next.

Outer Space

It’s easy to predict a game’s future by basing it on real world plans for taking on what’s to come. Plans are to build actual colonies in outer space, so why not have a video game do it first? Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon already based some of its content on retro futuristic ideas. While an entirely new storyline would need to be created, an outer space Far Cry wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. This doesn’t have to fall in line with current iterations; a spin-off such as the aforementioned expansion would suffice. The main series of games haven’t deviated from Earth, but it could be a first. There was a weird mission in which you had to destroy the moon in Far Cry: Primal. Perhaps there could be a link to the past and future. Unique weapon inventions would be a given but keeping the gritty plots and action intact are a must. Space is the final frontier after all and if Far Cry makes it there, it opens up whole new worlds.

Middle Ages

It may seem a bit medieval to go all the way back to the Middle Ages, but there’s a lot of potential. We’ve seen the series already take it to the past in Far Cry: Primal, so fast forward a few thousand years and we’re in the time period of swords and knights. There’s still room for some bits of science-fiction, though; just have a wizard show up and cast some spells on you. This way you will be able to tap into some abilities much like animal taming and enemy tracking found in the previous title. Far Cry in the Middle Ages doesn’t sound like a mainline title and can be another spin-off. Perhaps Ubisoft can make a habit (not necessarily a bad thing) out of taking the game way back in time for a few titles. At least this era has some handy weaponry in the form of crossbows, trebuchets and lances. A story following kings and queens sounds doable, perhaps even throw in a dragon for good measure? Whatever they come up with for a Medieval time frame would be enjoyable as long as it still feels like a Far Cry kind of game. If you can survive the Stone Age, you’ll do just fine here.


Heading to the outback could be a cool change of scenery. The area of the country we get to play in is crucial, but there’s always room for generalizations. Australia is a dangerous place even without some gun-toting enemies lurking about. It’s a great setting for its wildlife alone. Some have appeared in previous Far Cry titles, but imagine intense attacks by crocodiles and packs of dingo. Parts of previous Far Cry games can make a comeback as well, in one form or another, like injecting yourself with antidote after a venomous attack. The entirety of Australia, while taking dozens of days to trek on foot, would be a fun place to explore in a video game. Gameplay could even take place in the Great Barrier Reef. Then, add on some DLC for places like Tasmania or try and connect a few things back to Far Cry 3 in the Indian Ocean for the most dedicated fans to enjoy. If there ever is an Australian setting, please add kangaroos to the list of usable vehicles!


Heading to Russia is a good idea for the Far Cry series. There’s so much going on with the country in the present day and way more from its past that could play a part. Crazy leaders, military threats, warfare of all kinds and many other examples make it fit right in with some of the other Far Cry titles. Old characters like Mikhail can show up and move things along. The story would probably take place during a fictional time frame, but with many elements taken from real world events. When it comes to the environment, plenty of snowy landscapes and icy terrain would have to be involved. Perhaps more emphasis on stealth and espionage would be fitting as well. Regardless, whatever Far Cry comes next, Russia has to be at the top of the list. If you don’t choose Russia, then Russia will choose you!


Why not take a trip back to a previous location? Far Cry 2 was set on this continent but there could be reason to venture there once again. Surely much has changed since the last time which means a whole new adventure is ready and waiting. If they use some of the same settings and characters then there’s going to be some unfinished business to attend to. Somebody will want revenge on you and let’s hope you’re prepared. New weapons, vehicles and techniques would be a must, but throwing in some of the classics would be a nice mix. This would be the first time a sequel actually held true to its meaning. If they chose to remaster Far Cry 2 it would sort of make sense for the purpose of this list. Whatever comes next for the series could be new or old.

Far Cry is making stops all around the world which means one of these options could be an excellent choice. There are plenty of other places out there, so we will have to wait and see what comes after Far Cry 5. In the meantime come up with one of your own and let us know about it in the comment section below.