Mugsters Invading PC & Consoles This Summer

Back in September of last year, Team17 unveiled that they would be publishing Finnish studio Reinkout Games’ physics-based, action-puzzler by the name of Mugsters in which your goal is to save as many lives as you can, all while making sure your own life remains uncontested during what can only be described as an absolute (albeit colorful) flustercuck of hostile alien invaders.

While PC had been the only confirmed release for the game, no specific consoles or even a date had been mentioned in the game’s original announcement. Fortunately, Team17 have provided an update with today’s news that Mugsters will be coming to all consoles — that’s PS4, Xbox One & Switch — and will be releasing all four of these platforms this Summer. You can catch a bit more of the aliens that will be invading the world around you in the game’s latest (and somewhat 1950’s B-movie inspired perhaps) trailer below.