Chrono Trigger Receives First Patch on Steam

Chrono Trigger is considered to be one of the best games of the 16-bit, and there was much rejoicing when it was recently ported to PC via Steam. Unfortunately these tears of joy became tears of rage when people realized the PC version had more in common with the inferior mobile port than the beloved SNES and DS versions. Thankfully, Square Enix listened to the feedback and have patched in some changes that people looking for a faithful nostalgia fix should appreciate. The new patch includes an original graphics setting which changes the graphics to be more like the original version. Additionally, updates to the font and dialog boxes have been added to make it look more like the original along with reworking the start up animation sequence to be more like previous versions of the game. Future updates will bring additional changes to the UI to optimize the experience for players regardless of whether they use a gamepad or keyboard and mouse.