Radical Heights Founder’s Pack Players Get ’80s-Inspired DLC

Cliffy B announced today that not only will Radical Heights be hitting early access today, but those who buy it will also get some ’80s-inspired DLC included with their purchase. Cosmetic DLC will be included that allows you to have DLC parts heavily-inspired by ’80s icons like Snake Pipkin, John Rambo, and even the Ultimate Warrior. Over 20 pieces will be included, with Snake’s eye patch being shown off alongside Rambo’s gun and Warrior’s boots and knee pads. While Lawbreakers sought to change up deathmatch FPS gaming with fast pacing, it never quite caught on despite being a well-made game. Now, Boss Key is throwing its weight behind the battle royale genre and hoping it all pans out better. Cliffy B will be handing out Steam keys for the founder’s pack on Twitter – so it should garner at least some momentum early on.