Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Stalks the Virtual Shelves of Steam

Slayaway Camp was a fantastic and gory puzzler, and while Skullface was a great take on the 80s slasher it’s hard to top Jason Voorhees.  Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is an official movie-licensed take on the Slayaway Camp formula starring the unstoppable killing machine as he slashes, beats, stabs, and eviscerates his way through more than one hundred new levels of block-sliding carnage.  A cynical view might see this as a reskin of the previous game, but seeing as it’s got all-new puzzles for what was already a great brain-teaser underneath it’s cutely gory surface it’s hard to complain.  As an added bonus, everyone has moving arms and legs this time out instead of being expressively-stylized rectangular boxes.  It’s much easier to tear someone’s arms off when they’ve got actual appendages.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is free-to-play, up to a point.  The first eight chapters are open to all, with a pile of DLC comprising new weapons, outfits, and levels waiting for anyone who wants more.  The free content is a nicely generous package, with each chapter being an appropriate thirteen puzzles, and the DLC can either be bought bit by bit or combined into a single bundle for the not-unreasonable price of $9.39.  Head on over to Steam to grab yourself a nice fistful of gratuitously violent homicidal puzzle action.