Here’s a Tool to Help your Clash Journey

This weekend Clash tournaments have kicked off in League of Legends as Riot tests a new fun game mode. Here’s a tool to help your team make the most of ban phase.

On the League of Legends Reddit page /u/rtsBehlial has introduced to help you effectively ban out your enemy team. If the scouting phase isn’t enough for you then this should help your team make the best decision in conjunction with it, scouting and your biggest ranked fears.

All you need are the names of your opponents much like how you use Once you place them all in the text box, separated by a comma of course, you can get a good overview of the biggest threats coming from that team. It’s actually really cool to see. Take a look at your team to see what it thinks.

You’ve got all weekend to test it out and if you face any bugs they’d be happy for you to report them. You can check out here and the post on Reddit here.