PAX East 2018: Hexile Releases its Show Floor Demo to the World

Hexagons are one of the basic shapes of nature, but unless you live near an outcropping of basalt the landscape isn’t made up of them.  The world of Hexile, on the other hand, is made almost completely of hexagonal columns, and as it turns out that’s not a bad place for a some puzzle platforming.  The game was on display at PAX East with a short pre-alpha demo, and thanks to feedback from players it’s had a few tweaks and as of today it’s available to all.  The demo is still early with a few bugs but there’s just enough to work with to flag the game as one worth keeping an eye on.

Hexile will be a first-person puzzle platformer with sweeping hex-tech landscapes and a narrative you put together as the game progresses, but the demo is more about getting a feel for the basic mechanics.  It opens as you descend a column of light from high above the landscape to a cave underground, and you’ll need to platform your way to the surface while picking up abilities as you go.  Jumping is pretty straightforward, but it’s soon joined by a wall-jump that can chain to a double jump for extra distance.  Then you get the ability to raise the column you’re standing on, and if you jump from it while rising it awards extra height.  Progress is awarded by collecting devices that get slotted onto pedestals, opening up the next area, and then just as things are getting interesting the demo ends.

While maybe a bit early to show off Hexile has promise.  The mechanics work nicely and the world is a unique one, with an interesting look and hints of elaborate puzzles to come.  Check out the demo over here, and take a peek at the trailer below to see some of the more detailed landscapes to come.