Nihilumbra Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date, New Trailer

The critically acclaimed Nihilumbra will launch next month on Nintendo Switch, developer BeautiFun Games today revealed.

The indie puzzle-platformer will be available to pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop from April 19 for $7.99 (€6.99/£5.99), with its official release date set for May 3.

The Spanish studio said that Nihilumbra would be its first-ever title on the Switch.

Nihilumbra was first released for iOS devices in 2012, which was followed up by its arrival on PC, macOS and Linux in the following year. Since then, the puzzle-platformer has made its way to PlayStation Vita as part of a PlayStation Plus lineup, received a Wii U release and launched on Android devices.

Players follow the story of Born in Nihilumbra, who was created from nothingness in The Void. It’s from here where players will discover how the use of colors allows Born to acquire new and powerful abilities and transform the world around him.

Hardcore Gamer awarded Nihilumbra a near-perfect score. Reviewer Marcus Estrada wrote in our review: “This is a project filled with incredibly smart puzzle design and an important message at its core. Anyone who absentmindedly picked it up during a sale should do themselves a favor and play right now. If you don’t yet own it, then definitely consider making a purchase in the near future. Nihilumbra is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will stick with you.”

In other news, BeautiFun confirmed at this year’s Game Developers Conference that its next title, Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets, would be heading to the Switch in Q4 2018.