Witness the Yakuza 6 Launch Trailer

The latest addition to the long-running Yakuza series has been leaving us impressed and we’re not alone. The long-time series protagonist, Kiryu Kazuma, returns now well into his middle age to find his ward — Haruka — seemingly in the gross underbelly of the criminal world that’s been his whole life. Every time he thinks he’s out, that darkness just pulls Kiryu back in. It might be this time, all that conflict, all those games worth of experience and stopping the plots of mean-spirited, but powerful, people may have finally caught up with Kiryu and his loved ones. With Haruka in more trouble than she’s ever been in and plenty more dangerous people out there just ready to kill him, it’s fortunate to see that the game’s had a great showing with critics overall — at least, according to the launch trailer.

See the launch trailer below. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is out now for PlayStation 4.