Death Walks Among You, If You Don’t Pre-order the Overwatch Reaper figma Figure

Overwatch has been a global phenomenon since its debut. It has won numerous awards, made it into professional gaming spotlights and has some interesting characters. One of which is Reaper who is a popular choice for players and anyone enjoying the game’s lore but fans want more! Now, you can pre-order a Reaper figma figure for your collection.

This item comes very detailed all the way down to scratches in armor. Reaper is shown in his default outfit with flowing hooded cape. Two huge Hellfire Shotguns are included along with effects to recreate his Death Blossom ultimate move. Another platform stand allows for him to use Shadow Step. Reaper comes with different hand pieces allowing to show off different poses.

Pre-orders for the Reaper figma are open from April 20 until May 24. However, it will not be made available to own until February 2019. Get a closer look at Reaper in the images below!