SNK to Release Its Own Mini ‘Classics’ Console

Whether it was in part thanks to the run-away success of Nintendo’s own NES Mini and SNES Mini respectively, while the concept of micr0-consoles based on previous-generation platforms of yonder, isn’t anything new, it looks to have become a pretty popular avenue for publishers and video game companies to trek down now that the market and consumer space has evidently shown that demand for these novel devices is still present. And a few days after Sega announced their own Mini console — the latest in a long-line of emulation-based consoles based around the original Mega Drive/Genesis console — SNK have confirmed, though not properly unveiled, that they too are about to enter the mini-console space in the form of a Neo Geo-based system.

While information on the software line-up, let alone the specifications of the hardware itself, remains low, the mentioning of SNK IP’s such as Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters and Metal Slug could imply that all these games will make some manner of appearance on the system. SNK celebrates its 40th anniversary this year so it’s more than likely the company intends to release this system within the coming months, hopefully to follow up the release of the 40th Anniversary Collection which was announced earlier this month.