Join Bill Nye the Science Guy for the Launch of Nintendo Labo

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye the Science Guy teamed up with Nintendo for the launch of its latest creative endeavor. Nintendo Labo combines every facet of the company’s lineage to prove it is what they do best. The popular science television host sits down to check out what Labo has to offer, which is a lot, and makes it very entertaining.

Nintendo Labo is a new creative tool to use with the Nintendo Switch console. Users are able to build various devices and contraptions with the provided cardboard cutouts. Then, you play the corresponding games or come up with something on your own. Play the piano, go fishing, control robots and more. Bill Nye goes hands on with the kit while bringing humor to the play test. He even figures out ways of combining some of the different modes making them compatible.

The goal is to make, play and discover! Come up with something cool and super exciting based on the Nintendo Labo kit you pick up. Have a look at Bill Nye in the video below along with some commercial launch trailers.