Housemarque Unveil Latest Project Stormdivers

Despite it coming out a critical smash, developer Housemarque’s previous title, Nex Machina, failed to live up on the commercial side of things with the studio themselves even admitting to the game’s “lackluster” sales when they issued a statement in November of last year in which they laid out their plans to finally move away from the conventions of arcade-like gameplay their back catalog of releases have predominantly focused around. Today, Housemarque have offered the first details regarding their latest project, Stormdivers with a short teaser trailer which you can view below, though admittedly it’s hard to point out anything note-worthy from what little footage is provided.

Interestingly, in their own accompanying statement, Housemarque describe this outing as “a high flying and heavy hitting, multiplayer centric experience”, while going on to state they are looking to treat this as “an on-going service” as well as a means for people to play it earlier, perhaps hinting at the likelihood that this game will enter some form of Early Access state? It’s all speculation for the time being, so we’ll have to see how drastic a change in direction this might be for Housemarque and their usually bold, arcade-styled outings of previous.