Angry Birds Movie 2 Announces Upcoming Cast

The first Angry Birds movie was loosely based on the popular mobile game. It was a fun take and offered great bird-flinging action. Many were surprised by how well it was received. Now, a sequel is in the works with a lot of big name talent joining the picture.

Red, Chuck and Bomb are still around and voiced by their same actors, Jason Sudekis, Josh Gadd and Danny McBride, respectively. Peter Dinklage is also going to reprise his role as Mighty Eagle. Now, many more are lending their talent! Leslie Jones, Awkwafina, Lil Rel Howery, Brooklynn Prince, Rachel Bloom, Zach Woods, Sterling K. Brown and more are all set to appear. Roles have not yet been revealed and the same goes for a plot. While the game does have a sequel and various spin-offs, perhaps it will go for an original story since those pigs were defeated last time. Of course those bad piggies could always make a comeback!

A release window of September 2019 has been scheduled. After the first was such a box office success and adding all these talented comedic actors to the mix, the sequel should be a hit!