Crazy Justice Reconfirms Cross-Play in Addition to Characters on Multiple Platforms

More console titles have been looking to incorporate cross-play for their multiplayer entries, with one of the most recent notable ones being Rocket League. Crazy Justice is joining in with not only the ability to play across multiple platforms with one another, but also the ability to use the same character data as well. This announcement came from the developers on Twitter where they showcased a character on Switch and Xbox One encountering one another in-game.

Cross-play for Crazy Justice will be available for Switch, Xbox One and PC along with the abilities to access character data on any platforms based only on the player’s login information. This will make it easier to swap between systems for those who want to be able to play wherever, with the only exception being the exclusion of PS4 likely due to Sony’s lack of interest in cross-play.

Crazy Justice is planned to release for PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Switch this year. Check out the official tweet with the cross-play information right here.