‘Enigmatic’ Lake Ridden Arrives Next Month for PC, macOS

Midnight Hub today announced that the “enigmatic” Lake Ridden would launch next month for PC and macOS.

The Swedish indie studio, which is comprised of former members from Mojang and Paradox Interactive, said that its story-driven puzzle mystery title would be available on GOG and Steam from May 10.

Lasting anywhere between six to nine hours for a playthrough, Lake Ridden will be priced at $19.99 at launch.

Lake Ridden has players following the story of Marie, a thirteen-year-old spending one final camping weekend in the wilderness with her younger sister and friends. When Marie has an argument with her sister, who ends up running off into the forest as a result, it’s from here where players stumble upon an old, forgotten estate.

Players must solve different puzzles, find clues and interact with residents to find out more about Marie’s sister and escape from Lake Ridden.

“We’re super excited for you to play Lake Ridden,” says Sara Casen, CEO and producer at Midnight Hub. “We quit our jobs at the big companies to get a chance to develop this beautiful, puzzling world for you.

“We’ve basically been four developers in a room doing this for the past two years. It may have been tough at times, but I truly feel we managed to create something fantastic with Lake Ridden! So it’s all been worth it.”