Flipping Death Releasing in August, Physical Editions Following Thereafter

While one of developer Zoink Games’ two latest projects is already out in the wild for consumption, Flipping Death (the other) has been relatively quiet save for the ocassional announcement and appearance at a games convention or two. And though the studio had previously stated that they planned to release both a retail and digital version of the game this Spring, it would seem the release date of the digital version, though firmer and more specific in its target month, has been pushed out of Spring entirely.

Zoink have today announced that Flipping Death will release sometime this August with the retail version, for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch, to follow “after the game’s digital debut” with Rising Star Games taking charge of publishing duty. Flipping Death was originally unveiled as part of Nintendo’s first Nindies Direct for the then soon-to-be-released Switch. The game will also release for Xbox One & PC on the same day.