Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Kicks-Off ‘Summer of Mystery’

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly launches for the PS Vita today and brings with it the start of Aksys Games’ “Summer of Mystery.” The game follows the adventures of an unnamed girl after she wakes up in a mysterious mansion. Having no memory of who she is or how she got there, she has no choice but to move forward and try to piece together the story of the mansion and how she got there.

The game is described as a piece of interactive fiction, and it carries most of the hallmarks associated with the genre. There are many branching story paths for players to follow and multiple endings to unlock.

Physical copies of Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly come packaged with a set of character cards, as do the next to games in the “Summer of Mystery:” 7’sCarlet and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk. Players who purchase all three of these games can email their receipts to Aksys and obtain a set of enamel pins.

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly is currently available exclusively on PS Vita.