The Sims 4 on Console Get Its Second Major Bundle

It’s that time again, well, maybe there isn’t an exact time but The Sims 4 for console has just received its second Bundle and as usual it’s a steal.

As with the first Bundle Pack this is made up of a few goodies. The second major expansion Get to Work, The Dine Out Pack and finally Cool Kitchen Stuff which literally is cool as it sounds. Get to Work will have Sims getting those big important jobs like being a doctor or maybe becoming a mad scientist. If the joy of running a restraint is your thing check out The Dine Out Pack which will make those restaurateur dreams come true. If running a restaurant sounds like a bit much, then get down with some sweet treats with all sorts of delicious and possibly life changing ice cream.

See the trailer below for The Sims 4 Bundle 2 on console available now: