Atari VCS Pre-Sale Beginning on May 30 via Indiegogo

After months of speculation, Atari sent word out that pre-sales for the Atari VCS console will begin on May 30 via Indiegogo. The VCS will offer up a mixture of modern and retro games, and will showcase all of the variants of the hardware itself. The Pre-Sale will allow you to get a limited VCX collector’s edition with a wood finish on the front. You can also pre-order the VCX Onyx with a sleek black finish. The VCS features an AMD Radeon processor and will support 4K resolution alongside HDR and 60 FPS content. It will used a classic joystick and a more modern-looking controller as well. The VCS will also included an Atari Vault of over 100 games, and modern games will be announced later on.