Oddmar Offers Great Mobile Game Platforming

Recently, a charming mobile game was released by the name of Oddmar. It follows the titular viking character on a journey through numerous dangerous locations. His quest is to restore his village back to normal after everyone suddenly disappeared. It will not be an easy one, but does offer quite the adventure.

Oddmar is a lazy viking who offers no particular skills to his village. He lost his parents at a young age and his best friend not too long ago. But because he is incapable of fighting, Oddmar is cast out. As soon as he leaves, the entire town and all its people vanish. Thanks to a bit of magical help from a Fairy, however, Oddmar is now determined to restore his home. Going through each level will reveal more of the storyline. There are many twists and turns that take place. New characters and plots are introduced to build on top of what is already known. Mysteries pop up during every chapter and the stakes keep rising.

Playing the game is simple, but making it through is more difficult than imagined. Your attacks are easy to master and a selection of weapons is helpful. Oddmar has the ability to conjure mushrooms which offer him a bounce in order to fulfill the platforming requirement of this genre. Along the adventure comes a nice variety of monsters and enemies. Boss fights are cool and some change up their techniques to throw you off. Some controls in certain areas could result in your downfall. Moments where your fingers begin to slip too far into the screen to block your view are annoying but ultimately your own fault. You may find yourself having to restart at checkpoints because even if this is meant to be a casual game, it’s a challenge. Learning is half the battle and after you spot patterns in gameplay it will lead you on a path to victory. Along the way you can try and collect items, complete missions and try bonus levels. Then, revisit levels if you missed anything the first time. There is a major amount packed into this moderately-sized game.

Oddmar transitions from useless to heroic all thanks to the player. There is a redemption that takes place allowing for the character to grow. Stories where people change and evolve are successful in offering engaging entertainment which is what Oddmar does. You will get pulled into this tale and enjoy the arc of progress. Norse gods, fantasy creatures and fast-paced action combine well to create a worthy adventure. All of its handcrafted levels, animated cutscenes and artwork add an entire new layer to its characterization. Everything together shows a deeper understanding of quality content.

The game was developed by MobGe and published by Senri. Pick it up from the app store at a fair price and it also comes with text stickers to use in messages which is always fun. Epic times await for fans of platformers and those who enjoy a nice Norse story.