Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 4 Recap

The penultimate week of the Overwatch League’s Stage 3 was exactly as one would have predicted. There were no surprises and rankings have ultimately stayed the same.

It all started out with the Shanghai Dragons taking on the current number ones, the Boston Uprising. The Dragons were unable to get their first win, going 1-3 to Boston. Next up was the Houston Outlaws versus the LA Valiant, where the Outlaws pulled ahead 3-1. The Dallas Fuel then fell to the Florida Mayhem 3-1, which would be surprising if it weren’t for Dallas’ showing in Stage 3. It seems Mickie’s undying optimism has been unable to keep them from slowly falling to eleventh place (out of twelve).

Thursday had some closer matches, with the rising LA Gladiators taking on the falling London Spitfire, who have had a rough Stage 3. The Gladiators came out ahead with a 3-2 score. San Francisco was able to surprise everyone with a round one win over the New York Excelsior, only to get swept the next three. Then, the Seoul Dynasty went up against the Philadelphia Fusion, both of whom have had a tough Stage 3, where Seoul was able to come out on top.

Boston continued their winning streak on Friday against the Dallas Fuel with a 4-0. Then, the Houston Outlaws officially missed their chance at the Stage 3 playoffs when they lost 3-2 against the LA Gladiators, who will have to fight tooth and nail next week if they want to make their way to the top. And finally, an unsurprising win from the LA Valiant, who have seemed to find their footing once again. They took down the Florida Mayhem 3-1.

The London Spitfire were able to get out of their slump on Saturday when they pulled a 4-0 win over the San Francisco Shock. This was followed up by another 4-0 take down from the New York Excelsior, who were up against the Seoul Dynasty.

The final game of the week was probably the most interesting and the most surprising. It was the Shanghai Dragons and the Philadelphia Fusion — one of whom has been in last place the entire Inaugural Season and one of whom got second place last Stage. But what turned out was a surprisingly close game. They went every other, with Philadelphia winning in the end, but Shanghai was able to hold their own. It seems the Dragons are getting better, but the Fusion have been struggling to get their coordination together in Stage 3, so who knows. Geguri looks to have been a good get, however, as the Dragons’ map differential has dramatically increased. In Stage 1 it was a -30, in Stage 2 it was a -35 and in Stage 3 it’s currently sitting at a -19. They haven’t won yet, but they are getting better.

Next week, the big games to watch will be the fight between the Boston Uprising and the LA Valiant, and then Boston again taking on the LA Gladiators. This could determine which LA team gets to go to the playoffs. The Uprising versus the Valiant will take place on Thursday at 9pm EST and the Uprising versus Gladiators game will air on Friday at 7pm EST. Check back next Monday to see how it all went down.