Psyvariar Delta Coming Summer 2018, Premium Edition Announced for Japan

Publisher Dispatch Games today announced that Psyvariar Delta would be coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in summer 2018.

According to the publisher, the classic arcade title will receive both a physical and digital release in North America and Europe.

Dispatch has opened pre-orders for Psyvariar Delta on its online store, with the title launching in three different editions: Standard Edition, Limited Edition and the Premium Edition.

The Standard Edition will launch on September 25 and is priced at $29.99, while the Limited Edition includes a digital download for Psyvariar Delta’s soundtrack and will be released on the same day for $39.99.

Meanwhile, the Premium Edition is exclusive to Japan and includes DLC codes, a vinyl record, a download code for the original soundtrack and a logo sticker for Psyvariar Delta. Retailing at $99.99, the Premium Edition is slated for release a month earlier than its Western counterparts on August 30.

Psyvariar Delta

Official box art for Psyvariar Delta on PS4 and Switch.

Psyvariar Delta has a new user interface that shows ex levels, boss health and remaining invincible time after leveling up. Dispatch says that the UI’s “new design is easy for beginners to understand while the information helps experts as well.”

Psyvariar Delta’s Replay Mode+ allows players to challenge each area with their own plane and bombs, while Score Attack Mode has them trying to set the high score on their chosen difficulty. Both of the modes will have online leaderboard support, Dispatch confirmed.

Dispatch has revealed that Psyvariar Delta will be getting new DLC, introducing new planes alongside the original two in the title.

Psyvariar debuted as an arcade title back in 2000, eventually making its way to PlayStation 2 in the form of Psyvariar: Complete Edition.

“The ongoing partnership between Dispatch Games and City Connection have allowed us to remake another classic game from our collection,” says Brian Schorr, founder of Dispatch. “With updated HD graphics and new gameplay, Psyvariar Delta is another classic that can be enjoyed by a new generation.”