Sci-fi Action RPG Beacon Goes Live With New Launch Trailer

The problem with waking up crashed on a strange planet is basically Everything.  No ship, few supplies, lots of hungry and/or hostile aliens, but at least in Beacon there’s a fully-functioning clone bay to fix any fatal errors in judgement.  Beacon is a semi-roguelike action RPG with a fantastic visual style and a shot of genetic tinkering to make each new run into the wilds a bit more survivable than the previous attempt.  Robots, insects, and other factions all have the chance to drop DNA when defeated, and while it doesn’t do the current run much good, on death there’s the chance to splice it in to the current character-build and see how it reacts.  New perks tweak both looks and abilities, but you’ll still be heading straight from the clone bay into a newly-generated world and using what you’ve earned to try to shoot your way through a little bit more effectively the next time around.

Beacon’s release isn’t the standard Early Access but something more limited. It’s out on exclusively for the moment, and limited in distribution to 1,000 copies for now.  That may be subject to change later on but for the moment at least the number allowed to sell is being kept to a manageable level so the developer can keep on top of issues as they get reported.  The current plan is to work on Beacon for another six to eight months with major new content being added every month or so until final release.  Check out the launch trailer below, and if testing great new games as they mature towards full release makes you happy then head over to the Beacon page for more details.