Sea of Thieves Gets a Few New Goodies Along with New Patch

For all you scallywags out there, Sea of Thieves servers are back online and with it comes a new patch bringing along some new booty that will have any pirate feeling great about how the look.

The patch fixes certain issues/bugs Sea of Thieves was having but the real meat of patch 1.0.6 is to bring in new cosmetic items for pirates everywhere. Rare has kept an eye on the Customization Mega Thread and the community at large talking around the limited customization options for pirates, and they’re looking to fix it. These new cosmetics will be available in shops filling out sets for Admiral, Bilge Rat, Sea Dog and Sovereign. A true pirate will have to travel from region to region if they want all the new dress options, except for the Bilge Rat which can be found anywhere.

As a special thank you for the warm reception for the Sea of Thieves launch the patch also includes the “Launch Crew” Eye of Reach a special weapon in stores available for two weeks for just 1 Gold.

For more information on all the pirate-patch notes sail over to Sea of Thieves official site and be sure to read our review.