They Suspect Nothing Launches with Surprise Oculus Go Release

A new console released today, all nice and self-contained, but without software it’s just very pretty tech.  Which, admitted, is pretty attractive, but from a practical perspective it’s nice to be able to use it.  Oculus Go has been known about for a while but its release date was a mystery until a few hours before it wasn’t any more, and one of the first games for the new system is a minigame collection about being the very last human attempting to blend in with robots while evading their human-detection protocols.  They Suspect Nothing sees you trying to work your way through a series of jobs while avoiding suspicion, dressed as a robot in the most realistic costume ever constructed from cardboard boxes and a little tape.  The overseers are watching and failure means the extinction of the human race, although if you really are the last person left all the robots have to do is wait sixty years or so and they win.  This would make for a very boring game (although at 525,600 hours of gameplay it would be hard to beat by sheer quantity) so instead there are a dozen VR minigames to test your robo-ability, with another eight on the way as free DLC.

The Suspect Nothing launced today for Oculus Go and the less swanky but far more common Gear VR.  Check out the trailer below to see the robo-deceiving action.