EVE Online’s New In-Game Event Celebrates 15 Years of the Capsuleer Age

On May 6, 2003 EVE Online was introduced to the world of online gaming, and a very unique community and storied history was born. To celebrate the fifteenth year of EVE Online a new in game even is taking place from now through May 15 called Operation: Conscious Interruption. Players of all skill levels can engage in a variety of challenges while they defend the Society of Conscious Thought against the Drifter threat and receive an exclusive XV Anniversary Skin that drops during the event. Additionally, any players who log in as an Alpha or upgrade and log in as an Omega between May 6 will receive exclusive fifteenth anniversary rewards that will be delivered on May 7. Again, to be eligible for these rewards players must log in or upgrade by May 6 and they will be able to redeem these rewards through August 7. For more information on the world of EVE, here is a recent recap of last month’s EVE Fanfest and interview with Max Singularity aka The Space Pope.