Xbox Brand is Doing Quite Well According to Microsoft

According to a blog post published on Xbox Wire by Microsoft’s CMO for Gaming, Mike Nichols, the Xbox brand has fair amount of momentum going into this year’s E3. In the post, Nichols states that Xbox One sales are up by fifteen percent compared to last year, and Xbox Live player counts are up by thirteen percent. He also says that players have accumulated almost one billion hours playing Xbox One Backward Compatibility games, and almost four billion hours overall. Microsoft is also seeing success with their Mixer community, which has been exceeding a count of more than ten million active users per month since January.

Sony is still the undisputed king of the current console generation, but if this is all true, then Microsoft has been doing a great job of staying in the game. Nichols teased that they have a great lineup of games to show Xbox players at E3 2018; hopefully they’ll be able to make further use of the momentum they’ve built up so far.