Creative Director for Madden NFL Out at EA Tiburon

The creative team for EA’s Madden NFL series has decided to go in a different direction. After six years, the Creative Director for the franchise Rex Dickson has decided to leave the company. He notes in his statement that the decision was made after many discussions with other leaders of the team and that this was the best path forward. The series has certainly switched its emphasis to Madden Ultimate Team and a gameplay direction geared towards e-sports in the past few years. Dickson also worked on NCAA Football 14, the last college football game under EA. “I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Tiburon, especially the gameplay team,” Dickson writes in his statement. “I also want to thank the Madden community for all the feedback and interaction over the years. I call many of you my friends and want you to know it was the greatest honor of my career to work with you all.” Dickson’s tweet is below with the full statement. The official announcement of Madden NFL 19 looming since news normally releases after the draft.