Garage is Bringing Enjoyable Twin-Stick Switch-Exclusive Mayhem

As we’ve pointed out recently (and over the past year since its debut), the Switch has quickly become the go-to platform for indie games. Aside from last year’s acclaimed hit Golf Story, though, very little of these games have been exclusive to Nintendo’s console, but now we have tinyBuild and developers Zombie Dynamics to help remedy this issue with their upcoming top-down action game, Garage. An homage to the b-movies of the ’80s and ’90s, it may be easy to dismiss it as another retro-styled twin-stick shooter, but that doesn’t appear to stop it from still being intensely fun.

Garage sees you playing as Butch, an ex-drug dealer trapped in a dystopian world filled with mutants, the undead or mutated undead. Of course, this being a modern horror tale, it turns out that the real monster here is…MAN. Or, you know, the actual monsters. Still, the initial experience managed to show off a bit of variety in its enemies, as we made our way through an underground complex with the help of a mysterious voice. The environments were perfectly creepy and dark, with visibility sometimes limited by shadows and scenery blocking things, so you aren’t a hundred perfect certain what lurks around every corner.

In terms of gameplay, Garage is a standard twin-stick action game, although unlike a majority of them, ammo is more limited this time around. In fact, it almost feels like there are some elements of survival horror on display here, as proper resource management is the key to success. Is does help that you can perform little actions such as kicking vending machines for a chance at some health-restoring candy and such actions are a small yet welcome touch. The different weapons also all pack a nice kick, which helps when the enemies get a bit relentless, putting up a solid challenge. Especially the human characters that can shoot back, as seen in the new “Bad Trip” trailer above.

The whole game is a hoot so far, right down to the filter of horizontal lines to enhance the retro TV feel, which I am admittedly a sucker for. And the climax against a massive, bloated zombie that had herds of small to also outrun and shoot suggested that the boss battles will also be quite intense. The only true flaw right now is that the asymmetrical analog controls on the Switch still take a while to get used to for a game such as this, although that can easily be remedied after a lengthy session of carnage.

Mind you, all of this was only a short taste of Garage, if the recent gameplay footage seen above is anything to go by. The crafting elements, vehicle sections and drug-included trips weren’t present, but they all seem like a blast to try out. And with a release date of next week on May 10 for the Switch, we won’t have to take long to see what kind of insanity the low-budget stylings of Garage can unleash, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for what could truly be an exclusive feather in the Switch’s already-impressive cap.