Get Swept Away to Deiland in Launch Trailer

From developer Chibig comes the tiny tale of Deiland, a story of a small boy who lives on a equally small planet in an ever-evolving sandbox world made up from player choice.

The story of Deiland follows Arco, the youngest out of a group of children mages who are charged with protecting magical small planets throughout the universe. Deiland is the smallest of them all, but even small things can have big impact. With every action comes change and it’s up to Arco to make sure Deiland is the best it can be.

Using mechanics everyone get behind, Arco will nurture Deiland; whether, it’s crafting, fishing or protecting his planet from enemies, Deiland looks as relaxing as it does whimsical. Arco isn’t alone in his quest and will meet all sorts of characters along the way, but will they be friend or foe?

Get ready to be swept away to Deiland, available now on PS4 and coming June 14 to PC.

Step into this magical world and check out the launch trailer below: