Shroud Gets his First Sponsor

After stepping down from the Cloud9 CS:GO team and stepping into the streaming world without the Cloud9 umbrella, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has announced his first sponsor.

The first sponsor for the newly retired Shroud will be Madrinas Coffee. Shroud is an avid coffee drinker and it’s nice to see him set something up so soon after retiring. You can read his official statement below.

“As a coffee drinker, I don’t ever drink energy drinks. They’re just not my style. I tried a few of the Madrinas Cold Brew sweet sampler flavors and was instantly hooked. I usually like my coffee with some milk and sugar, so these were perfect for me. Their Micro Roast Coffees are also insane. They roast and ship within the same week of the order, so you’re getting the freshest coffee possible. If you’re in the US, give their Cold Brew samplers a shot- you’ll be able to find your favorite flavor out of those. And if you’re international (because shipping heavy Cold Brews can be kinda pricey), choose either their Dark, Medium, or Light roasts based on the different kind of coffee you’re into. Make sure to use code SHROUD at checkout for 40% off – it directly supports me and the channel.”

Shroud took no time finding success after originally just stepping down from the main roster. In his first year, he usually entertains an audience of about 15 thousand people as he plays PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or Fortnite.