Assault Spy Enters Early Access Today

It’s official: Assault Spy, a game about a corporate spy on a quest to prove they’re the best in the business, is now available via Steam Early Access. Despite having “Spy” in the title, Assault Spy is a stylish brawler rather than a stealth game. In Assault Spy, players take on the role of Asaru Vito as he beats and smashes his towards the secrets of the Negabot mega corporation. Players will also have the option of playing as Amelia, a CIA agent on her own mission within Negabot. To mark the game’s release, NIS America released a brand new trailer for the game; check it out:

Assault Spy is currently available in early access for a price of $19.99. The game’s full release date hasn’t been announced yet, but be sure to check back here for any and all updates.