The Council Episode 2 Arrives Next Week, New Achievements Confirmed

Developer Big Bad Wolf on Monday revealed that the second episode for The Council would be released next week.

Episode 2: Hide and Seek will arrive first on May 15 for The Council Season Pass owners, who receive each episode two days ahead of official launch dates.

The official release for non-Season Pass owners will be May 17, with The Council developer saying that Episode 1: The Mad Ones is “required” to run Hide and Seek.

Hide and Seek will bring with it new trophies and achievements, Big Bad confirmed on Twitter.

“We do plan on a few more achievements in Episode 2 of The Council,” Big Bad tweeted in response to a user’s question.

“[Louis de Richet] must continue his investigation into the disappearance of his mother, Sarah, while dealing with the newly arrived Spanish head of state, the finally revealed Lord Mortimer and the quickly forming factions on the island,” reads the description for Hide and Seek.

First revealed in December 2017, The Mad Ones debuted in March for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Council’s episodes are only available as digital downloads, with Big Bad already ruling out any current plans for a physical release last month.

Hardcore Gamer’s review for The Mad Ones found it to be a strong showing from Big Bad, saying that the opener “captures the ethos of episodic gaming and brings a unique signature style that will have an immediate, lasting impression on players.”

For even more on The Council, check out Hardcore Gamer’s exclusive interview with the voice of Elizabeth Adams, Tiffany Hofstetter.

UPDATE (5/7/18): The Council has received a new PS4 update that introduces Version 1.02, bringing with it support for Episode 2 and also different improvements to the episodic adventure title.

The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek

The Council’s latest update is now live.