Coleco Evolved Mini Arcade Games Kickstarter Launched

Coleco has been in the game-making biz for decades. One of their claims to fame came in the form of miniature arcade cabinets allowing you to play some classic titles practically anywhere. Now, they are making a comeback with two new games and some upgraded features.

Longtime fans and newcomers can now back the Kickstarter campaign which is already closing in on its target! In this retro rebooting comes two 80’s icons, Rainbow Brite and Robotech. The outer casing keeps its original design while packing a full-color LCD display, rechargeable battery and more. Depending on how much you offer a backer can receive discounts on their order, metallic versions and even a surprise to be announced later.

Those who enjoy reliving nostalgia and old school cartoons will certainly want to have these in their collection. Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn even more. Check out our visit to the Coleco Expo and read about everything the company has to offer to all its fans.