EA Reiterates that Anthem Will Launch Early 2019

BioWare’s brand new IP, Anthem, is still set to release early 2019. The game was originally supposed to launch later this fall, but EA announced back in January that the game would be delayed to early 2019, though they denied to call it a delay. This move came after numerous reports that the game was not shaping up well, and the great Loot Box controversy ignited by another EA title, Star Wars Battlefront II.

During their first quarter earnings call, EA reiterated that Anthem is still coming out early 2019. In fact, the company confirmed that it’ll release during the Q4 window, which means Anthem could launch anywhere between January 2019 and March 31, 2019. EA has regularly released Mass Effect titles, another BioWare IP, during this time frame, so it isn’t so far-fetched to see Anthem launching during this three month stretch.

Anthem is a shared-world shooter similar to Activision’s Destiny and Ubisoft’s The Division franchises. Expect to learn a lot more about Anthem at E3 2018.