Evos Esports and Flash Wolves Dominate Play-in Finals

The Play-in stage of the Mid-Season Invitational has come to a close with Evos Esports and the Flash Wolves dominating the finals.

The Play-ins are a great way for the lower regions to get international experience and face better teams outside of their region. Sometimes you see some really great things from teams you didn’t expect like Gigabyte Marines a few years back. Other times you get exactly what you expected as was the case this week.

After dominating their group, BAU SuperMassive eSports went on to face Evos Esports and it didn’t turn out well. The managed to take one game off of the Vietnamese team but ultimately went down 3-1. While their time in groups may have been easier than the Turkish league it all was for not as they’ll be joining them watching the main stage from home.

The same goes for Gambit Esports who won the CIS region and dominated their group. They finished it 5-1 as well, but ended up getting swept by Flash Wolves and completely destroyed in their last game. While they may believe they could give other major regions a run for their money that was not the case today.

The Play-ins have come to a close and now we’re ready for the main stage. That action kicks off Friday, May 11 at 4 a.m. CDT. The first match will be a doozy as well as it’s Fnatic vs Royal Never Give Up. You can see the full schedule here.